Can You Still Travel When You Have Cancer?

Traveling Cancer Patient

Yes, cancer patients can still travel!

For most people, traveling is part of their bucket list. It is no wonder that those who battle cancer dream of going to different places, too. After all, when people find out they have cancer, they tend to become braver in fulfilling their lifelong dreams. But when you have cancer, depending on the severity of your condition, traveling may come with a few life-threatening risks.

1. Flying Issues
Some cancer patients are not allowed to travel by plane because changes in oxygen level and air pressure at a high altitude may pose serious risks to their condition. For instance, people with brain tumours may experience increased swelling in the brain due to too much air pressure inside the plane. Other cancer patients who are only at minimal risk when flying may travel by plane, but with assistance from a medical air transport company like Skymed Aeromedical.

2. Blood Clots
Also known as thrombosis, the risk of blood clots is common among cancer patients. Hence, people with cancers should not take long trips, to prevent blood clots from sitting still for a long period of time. If they really want to travel, cancer patients should plan their trip carefully and make certain they’d only take a shorter trip via bus or plane.

3. Infection
Patients who are receiving chemotherapy are at a higher risk of infection. Going to different places may cause them to develop an infection. Usually, doctors only allow patients to travel when they have finished their chemotherapy session and have regained their energy.

If you have cancer, but still want to enjoy the perks of traveling, you better check with your doctors first. They know all the details about your condition, as well as the specific risks you have to face when traveling.

As long as the patient is fit to travel, doctors usually allow them to go on a trip. After all, most doctors want their patients to still enjoy life despite the challenges of their illness.