Traveling Cancer Patient

Can You Still Travel When You Have Cancer?


Yes, cancer patients can still travel! For most people, traveling is part of their bucket list. It is no wonder that those who battle cancer dream of going to different places, too. After all, when people find out they have cancer, they tend to become braver in fulfilling their lifelong dreams. But when you have […]

Coronavirus – COVID19


Coronavirus – COVID19 Air Medical Transport Safety Update As healthcare providers, we all must take special precaution as it relates to COVID-19. Commercial travel and tourism is down but healthcare workers still manage to treat and care for those in need. At Skymed Aeromedical, our mission remains the same– 24/7 availability to meet the medical […]

Skymed Aeromedical Blog


Skymed Aeromedical Blog Our blog will keep you aware of what is going on within the aero medical transport industry and the latest news with Skymed. Every week we have nurses and doctors in different areas of the world. Each of our medical team members are providing excellent patient care and assisting patients with different […]

Tips for Travelers with Disabilities


Tips for Travelers with Disabilities Traveling with a disability may seem impossible. It may make you feel discouraged and at a loss due to the challenges you foresee getting around when going on a trip. This may have been the case several years, but times have changed and traveling with a disability has become easier. […]

Commercial Air Escort

Flight Nurse


Flight Nurse Meet our flight nurse Sandra Skymed Aeromedical is fortunate to have a great group of doctors and nurses available in Australia. Our nurse Sandra comes to Skymed with a wide range of experience and knowledge about nursing and aviation physiology. Our Operations team says, “Sandra is one of kind. She is committed to […]