Campbelltown,Sydney to Geelong,Melbourne

I wish to thank you and the entire Skymed team for making it possible to bring my Dad home. The support from the very first call I made to you has been wonderful. Your understanding of the stress I was under, and the reassurance I received was fantastic. I had so many hoops to jump through in other areas but this was made so much easier with your advice and assistance.Dad is settling in well and we are rocking through ISO together and he only has about 4 days before he will join the rest of his new community at BUPA.I can’t recommend Skymed highly enough! you have all made it possible for my father and I to be together, and with the uncertain times we are all in, I have no idea how long it would have been before we would,or if we would ever have, seen each other again.Kind Regards,Linda Campbelltown,Sydney to Geelong,Melbourne