Have a question about patient transport, air ambulance, Commercial Medical Escorts or our services? In order to save you time, Skymed has compiled answers to some of our customers' most commonly asked questions, or FAQs.

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How much notice do we need?
Skymed Aeromedical can make all the arrangements for the patient and companion as soon the patient is ready to fly and a receiving facility has been confirmed. We have nurses available that can depart, in most cases, within 24hours.
Can a non-ambulatory person travel on a commercial flight?

Many of our patients are unable to ambulate onto the aircraft. Our Skymed Aeromedical medical team makes special arrangements with the airline to provide aisle wheelchairs to assist patients with mobility limitations when boarding an aircraft. All our personal carry appropriate equipment and are fully trained in the transportation of paralysed patients, and those needing full assistance.

Can someone travel on a commercial flight if they require oxygen?

After receiving a medical request order for oxygen, Skymed Aeromedical can provide supplemental in-flight oxygen. Skymed Aeromedical uses the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrators, approved for on-board use. Some carriers still provide in-flight oxygen and that can be arranged if necessary. The flight coordinators will determine the best option for the patient and our medical team will monitor and regulate a patient’s oxygen requirement throughout the transfer.

Do you provide international commercial medical escorts?

Skymed Aeromedical transfers patients domestically and internationally to all continents of the world. We have nurses with dual citizenship, which also extends our ability to enter a variety of countries that may require a US citizen to have a visa.

What is Bedside to Bedside service?

Bed to Bed service is when the Skymed Aeromedical medical team visits the discharging facility/residence prior to departure to complete the pre-flight assessment of the patient and answer any questions regarding the transfer. On the day of the transfer Skymed medical personnel will arrive at the discharging hospital and travel with the patient to the airport in ground transportation arranged by Skymed. Skymed medical personnel will then travel with the patient from the airport to the receiving facility/residence. If the patient is going to a facility, the Skymed team member will provide a full medical report to the receiving hospital nurse.

Can a companion accompany the patient?

Yes. Companions can travel with the patient.

What is required to arrange a commercial medical escort?

Contact Skymed Aeromedical, or call to our 24-hour office, a Skymed team member will explain the entire process. We will answer any questions you may have and assist you as best as possible to arrange a safe transfer. A team member will ask you key questions and develop an appropriate travel plan for your review.

How much does it cost to travel with a commercial medical escort?

The cost will vary and depends on the length of the trip, the location, destination and the needs of the patient. We encourage you to fill out the Enquiry Request form or call us on 1300 759 633 so that we can put together a specialised quote for you. All of our quotes are inclusive of both flights for the patient and the medical escort.

Are all costs included in the quote?

Yes, all costs are included in the quote. After requesting a quotation via email, phone, or through the website, a written quotation will be sent to you via email. The quotation will include airfare, ground transportation, medical team fees, and any other costs associate with the transfer.

How do I pay for a commercial medical escort?

Skymed Aeromedical accepts a variety of different forms of payment including direct deposit, all major credit cards, B-pay and cash. All services are to be paid in full prior to commencing the service.

When are you available to discuss arranging a medical escort?

Our Skymed Aeromedical team is available 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We always are available to discuss any questions, concerns, or details about arranging patient transport for your loved ones.

If I'm on oxygen, how long before I can get approval to fly?

Skymed use an InogenOne Oxygen Concentrator so we can fly you within 24hours instead of waiting 5 days for approval!