Coronavirus – COVID19

Coronavirus – COVID19

Air Medical Transport Safety Update

As healthcare providers, we all must take special precaution as it relates to COVID-19. Commercial travel and tourism is down but healthcare workers still manage to treat and care for those in need. At Skymed Aeromedical, our mission remains the same– 24/7 availability to meet the medical transport needs of your patients.

We want to take this opportunity to outline what you can expect from Skymed . If commercial travel is in question for your patients, call our team of dedicated experts. We will identify your flight needs and ensure seamless, appropriate transport.

1. We continue to operate as usual. Our 24/7 call center remains open. If you have a patient in need of a medical flight, please do not hesitate to call us.

2. Many facilities have instituted guidelines for inbound patient transfers.We keep up-to-date and comply with all international and national and local guidelines as well as individual hospital protocols.

3. Given the fluidity of COVID-19 precautions, we remain flexible on departure and arrival times for patient transports.