Australia to USA

Good Morning Robyn
We just woke up and it was so wonderful being in our own bed!! I hope Mike has landed or will shortly, I know he is ready to see his own bed too. We are starting doctor’s visits this morning to make sure Joe is healing properly. Per our text yesterday, please if there is any way to have your team inform Townsville Hospital that Joe made it to the US safely and about flying with a Pneumothorax (yes you are correct this word will be ingrained in my brain forever ☺) we would be so grateful.
I am so thankful that when Donald called SkyMed you answered, you guys have been our heroes through all of this. Thank you again for all of your help and persistency these last 3 weeks in getting us safely home. You and Mike are awesome so glad you guys and your services are out there for families in their time of need.Kim
-Australia to USA